Solaris Travel offers a new solution for the combination of cost effective deals of vacation homes, flight tickets & car rental.

Nowadays the holiday home rental can be regarded as a booming business segment. Every fifth overnight stay is booked in a holiday home. The main interests of the tourists are to find peace and spend quality time with family, partners or friends. The classic “parent and child” travel combination seems to be fading. The trend is changing towards multi-generational family groups and patchwork constellations.
The other important criteria for travellers is the rental price of the holiday home. Tightening holiday budgets make a destination with a good price-quality ratio attractive. Vacation rental guests travel in groups and can take advantage of economies of scale and the chance to enjoy intimate shared space that hotels cannot offer.

Solaris Travel offers an innovation of affordable holiday for such group constellations.
In the future, the IT-know-how and theinnovation will be vital to the success in the tourism and in the holiday home market. The tourist have big experience in travelling and comfortable, quick booking possibilities and transparent online availabilities are expected. Clear and concise pricing of holiday homes is desired.  The holiday home owners meet difficulties both in terms of IT solutions and sales structures. The success of a destination primarily depends on better flight connections and proper package offers. The solution for a simple direct one-stop shop booking experience for smaller groups is just around the corner. With this brand new technique, the search for vacation rental homes becomes easy and less time consuming.

Solaris Travel has developed a new dynamic packaging system that combines Novasol holiday homes with flight offers that can be brought out as package tours. These data can be delivered to the different distribution systems such as Schmetterling travel agencies cooperation. This way Schmetterling travel agents have more market transparency and can compare all package prices in the destination, the classical hotel room prices to the prices of holiday homes.

With over 3500 connected travel agencies Schmetterling is the largest mid-sized, independent agency cooperation in Europe and the inventor of the “full service- technical package” for travel agencies.

is one of the largest holiday rental providers and have a great selection of properties throughout Europe, they have a portfolio of more than 40.000 holiday homes.

By means of the Solaris Travel system, holiday home owners have a better chance of distribution because the travel agent can offer another accommodation in the system and not only hotels. Another advantage of this price comparison systems is that the package prices of Solaris can be calculated per person. The travel agents have everything under control with a single click. This booking process is much faster, and holidays for smaller groups of up to 9 persons as well as for larger groups up to 30 persons turn out to be more affordable.

With this innovation, Solaris Travel is the leading Tour Operator for Holiday homes on the market.

To improve the freedom and private atmosphere of the guests, the local value added services are also introduced and these can be purchased in the Solaris Travel system. Through our travel agency partners, these options are available for booking. Whether it is a taxi service, car rental or an excursion, all services can be booked together in a single package.


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